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Hamilton, NJ (August 13, 2015) Consolidated Services Group Inc. (CSG), a technology-driven, clinically-based medical claims management provider, today announced an enhancement to its medlogix technology that enables a proficient, paperless professional review process.


This secure, online platform supports the digital capture, transfer and storage of an injured party’s medical records, treatment plan, independent medical exam (IME) report, peer review (PRO) and medical director review (MDR). It streamlines communications between the precertification nurse, the treating physician, the medical director and the insurance adjuster, allowing for more productive interactions between the individuals involved in the medical claim.


“This robust new technology has transformed the way we handle concurrent medical director reviews, independent medical exams and peer reviews by distilling a large collection of multi-page documents into one digital file that is easy to access, read and utilize,” said Mark Hepperlen, vice president of professional review services for CSG. “We expect this streamlined process to improve our turnaround time by 20 percent.”


Rather than sifting through a compilation of faxed, scanned and handwritten notes, medical directors now receive a concise online worksheet, along with a digital record of all relevant medical information. Documentation from the precertification nurse is available at a glance and the complete medical background is available in one convenient place. Additionally, it offers voice recognition capabilities for users that prefer to speak, rather than type, their recommendations.


Benefits to the new technology include:

Higher quality and more substantial reports facilitate improved medical decisions


A more efficient process reduces turnaround time by 20 percent


Replacing hand-written notes and faxed paperwork with digital records increases accuracy


More complete and defensible information provided to the claims handler supports a more positive interaction with the treating provider.


“Consolidated Services Group is committed to continually raising the bar on efficiency and professionalism,” said Michael A. Morrone, CSG Founder and CEO. “Once again, our development team has delivered an enhancement to our medlogix platform that achieves this goal and builds value for our clients.”CSG has provided managed care, utilization review and bill review services in the northeastern United States for 35 years. Currently, the company is expanding its operations nationwide through partnerships with select PPO affiliates.


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Consolidated Services Group (CSG) is a technology-driven, clinically-based medical claims management provider specializing in managed care, utilization review and bill review services. CSG offers a complete, integrated solution, including seamless collaboration through our proprietary medlogix technology; recommendations from highly qualified medical professionals; and access to a nationwide network of premier health care providers through select PPO affiliates. CSG’s powerful mix of medical expertise, proven processes and innovative technology delivers a more efficient, disciplined insurance claims process. The result is reduced severity, lower expenses and increased productivity for the auto insurance and workers’ compensation insurance carriers; third party administrators (TPAs); and government entities we serve. Visit to learn more.