Better managed medical costs and care for policyholders.

Our internally-developed MyMedlogix™ software integrates and organizes complex medical claims management workflow into one common platform built on modern Microsoft.NET architecture. MyMedlogix™ is the central hub through which all medical claim management activities and resulting workflows can be ordered, tracked and documented. In contrast to competing point solutions, MyMedlogix™ enables streamlined management of all critical elements of the medical claim, from bill review and auditing to IME, nurse and medical director review and medical management claims handling. MyMedlogix™ is web-based as well as client server-based and fully customizable, offering clients encrypted, HIPAA-compliant access to real-time medical claims data on a 24/7 basis. The platform can be configured to carrier specifications and, importantly, to comply with all local, regional and national jurisdictional requirements. The intelligence, rules and functionality of MyMedlogix™ have been created with over 30 years of company experience and are continually updated to reflect current industry needs, making MyMedlogix™ one of the most robust technology solutions in the medical industry.

MyMedlogix™’s differentiated proposition combines medical expertise, proven processes and innovative technology solutions to deliver a more efficient, disciplined medical claims process to leading property and casualty (P&C) carriers. In particular, MyMedlogix™ is widely recognized for its deep expertise, focus and experience in the automotive medical market.

Medical claims management is complex, requiring a myriad of workflows to ensure proper, timely care is delivered and accurately reimbursed while complying with regulations that differ state-by-state. Medlogix® offers an end-to-end suite of medical claims management and cost containment solutions, orchestrated through the company’s proprietary MyMedlogix™ software, which vastly improves medical claims management while mitigating P&C carrier liability.


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