President Integrity Medicolegal Enterprises


In a recent interview, we spoke to Amy Berg, the President of Medlogix's Minnesota-based subsidiary, Integrity Medicolegal Enterprises, about understanding and addressing clients’ needs.

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What sets Integrity apart from others in the IME space?

The employees at Integrity are what sets us apart. The tenure of our office is off the charts. Many of our employees have been with us for over a decade. The tenure of our employees along with the expertise they bring.

Almost each and every team member at our office offers a background that is immeasurable to what we do on a daily basis. We have former claims adjusters – in both auto and worker’s comp, along with chiropractors, nurses and attorneys. There is a wealth of knowledge within our walls that is incredibly beneficial to the service we provide.

And most importantly, our passion. We truly pride ourselves on the hard work that we do every single day, and we feel that shines through to our clients. Our passion is the core of what makes us so unique from our competition.

Tell us about Amy Berg

I started in this industry over 30 years ago. As many of us did, I started in claims. I handled workers’ compensation claims for a few different carriers in the Minneapolis area. Even moving to Colorado at one point to assist with a claims project. My years spent as an adjuster and a manager gave me the tools and the experience to truly understand the responsibilities of our clients.

When I moved back to Minnesota, I found myself working for an IME company which allowed me to see another side of the industry and from my time there, I knew there was a better way to do it. Knowing this, I founded Integrity in 2002 and here I am 20 years later. What an incredible journey it has been! To have started as a business that only serviced MN, to now being a premier provider of IMEs throughout the entire United States is something that I am proud of. 

We became an IME partner to the largest carriers, TPAs, defense firms and employers in the industry. I am very grateful to my former partners and to my Integrity team for their hard work and vision that has led to so much success.  When we joined with Medlogix in 2018, I was delighted to begin a new chapter and a new adventure. I am extremely excited to about what the future holds!

How do the Medlogix companies Integrity, CHN, and MEG work together to serve national companies?

We all work together as a team. We have jurisdictional knowledge and access to different physicians within our regions. It makes our coverage and provider relationships that much stronger. Working together to support our clients makes us more effective from a national perspective.

We combine our expertise, relationships, and customized workflows to serve our clients. That all comes from teamwork and our in-depth knowledge of the national marketplace. Together, we leave nothing uncovered from an experience standpoint.

Our passion, commitment to the partnership, and helping our clients grow have led to our being a national provider for many clients. We understand their goals, where they are going, and how they want to grow. That enables us to provide customized workflow solutions to meet or exceed their service expectations consistently.


What does expect the exceptional mean to you?

To me it means white glove service. It means having the intuition to know what your client wants before they even ask. When a client calls us with an issue, question, or situation they need assistance on, they know how quickly our team works to find them a solution or implement an action plan to address their concerns.

We have built a trust with our clients over the last two decades, proving Integrity to be a valued partner and resource for all their IME needs.