eBilling Solutions

Medlogix Announces Partnership with AccidentEDI™,
a division of WorkCompEDI, to offer
eBilling Clearinghouse Solutions

As you may be aware, effective 9-1-19 payors in NJ must be in compliance to receive electronic submissions from providers for certain automobile insurance claims.  As a result of this new requirement, Medlogix is pleased to announce that we have partnered with AccidentEDI™, a division of WorkCompEDI, to offer our payor customers a turnkey EDI clearinghouse/e-Billing solution.  Through this partnership, AccidentEDI will serve as the aggregating EDI gateway for electronic billing submissions and will manage all electronic connectivity requests.

AccidentEDI is the largest Auto Casualty EDI Clearinghouse in the US, representing over 90% of the Property & Casualty direct payor route connections. Additionally, they offer an array of valuable submitter and vendor solutions that simplify and drive the adoption of electronic billing over paper submissions. 

AccidentEDI eBill Enrollment Information

For submitters wishing to establish a direct eBilling account with AccidentEDI, please visit the Medlogix/AccidentEDI dedicated webpage at: www.accidentedi.com/medlogix.  This page provides detailed information about the various flexible formats and options available for eBill submission. 

For additional information about the Medlogix/AccidentEDI eBilling solution, please contact submitters.medlogix@accidentedi.com.  Thank you.