In a recent interview, our President Craig Goldstein discussed Medlogix services from three points of view: carriers, claims executives, and policyholders.


Why do national insurance carriers choose Medlogix?

I believe for a while now that national carriers have been looking for new strategic medical management business partner options to create stronger competition in a market that has been dominated by a very small group.

Unlike our competitors, the majority of our workflow runs through a fully integrated singular platform. This approach creates a differentiator that improves service levels, accuracies, and efficiencies for us and our customers. That is the heart of how we really impact helping the claims process for management.

We have expanded our footprint nationally, starting with middle-market clients and moving to larger carrier clients. The feedback we have received about our capabilities and our reputation has been excellent.

" I was a claims adjuster and claims manager for many years. I sat at those desks and understand the difficulties and challenges that come with it. "

Claims managers and executives have challenging jobs. How does Medlogix make their jobs easier?

When I think about claims managers, executives, adjusters, and anybody else in the insurance continuum that is required to manage claims, they all have tough jobs.

I think our company’s solutions are measured by claims professionals in two key areas. First, does our solution improve back office productivity, eliminate mistakes in handling processes, and have a positive impact on indemnity costs?

Second, does our solution remove the fraud, waste, and abuse plus the medical claims exposure without compromising service levels? I think we check both those boxes favorably, and that's how we help make their jobs easier.

According to an industry survey, 87% of policyholders say their claims experience impacts their decision to remain with their carrier. How does Medlogix help carriers retain their policyholders?

I really feel like we are an extension of the insurance carrier. We are part of that client delivery process for the insurance carrier. We are part of the insurance carrier’s family servicing our joint clients together.

There are many different processes where we get to interact directly with the injured party. Our customer service agents provide prompt, accurate responses to help quickly get the information that these insureds need.

For example, during the process of setting up independent medical exams, we work hard on the scheduling and handling experience. That is something you have to navigate delicately so that all parties can find a collaborative time that works for everybody.

We work directly with insureds and the families of the insureds on catastrophic claims. These are some of the most difficult injuries to manage and are most impactful to the families.

We have field case managers that get involved in directing care support, discharge planning, and many of the other components that are critical to the person receiving the care that they so desperately need.

" We do that by presenting accurate, timely information to the carrier. That allows for proper responses by their claims staff to address their policyholders’ injury claims and recovery needs. "

How do you feel your services lead to favorable outcomes for everybody in the claims process?

The services we provide benefit our carriers and their clients they serve (the policy holders). We do that by presenting accurate, timely information to the carrier. That allows for proper responses by their claims staff to address their policyholders’ injury claims and recovery needs.

The managers of the insurance company are empowered through access to the MyMedlogix portal, providing them with the information they need in a simple, tangible way that they can access promptly as if they were working on the claim side by side with us to serve their policyholders.