Mark Hepperlen

SVP of Operations for Professional Services

Mark Hepperlen spearheads the operations for Medlogix®’s medical claims management services, including network operations, medical management, professional review, arbitration/litigation support and medical bill review. He brings an extensive background in medical claims operations to this position, including significant experience promoting, organizing and selling medical claims management services both regionally and nationally. Since joining Medlogix® in 2014, he has managed several key areas in the company and made contributions that measurably enhanced Medlogix®’s product, quality and service outcomes. Prior to joining Medlogix®, Mr. Hepperlen served in business development and operational roles for managed care companies for nearly 15 years. When he joined Medlogix® in 2014 as vice president of professional review services, he quickly began improving the department’s performance, advancing its professional review network development, compliance and quality control to achieve the highest level of efficiency and satisfaction.