Use of Telemedicine and Telehealth during the COVID-19 Pandemic Personal Injury Protection Coverage

State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance


In response to NJ DOBI Bulletin No. 20-19, Medlogix has reviewed in its’ entirety and is prepared to assist our customers to ensure compliance with the requirements as outlined below:

  • Medlogix encourages the use of telemedicine and telehealth within our networks, to the extent they are available, for the safety and health of all.
  • Medlogix’s Precertification Department currently receives requests for telemedicine and telehealth treatment.  Our Nurse professionals review the requests for medical necessity, evaluate the appropriateness of the setting, and refer to a Medical Director when indicated.
  • Medlogix’s Medical Bill Review team evaluates telemedicine provider bills based upon submitted service codes and modifiers.  Where indicated, bills pend to a Code Review professional for further review of submitted codes relative to the place of service and clinical documentation submitted
  • Medlogix’s response to Bulletin 20-19 is posted on our public website:

In addition to the above measures, Medlogix has reached out to NJ DOBI to request their consideration to issue an addendum to Bulletin No. 20-19, to include the use of Telephonic and Virtual Independent Medical Exams.  We believe this is an extremely effective tool, which can be used to determine the medical necessity of treatment for the continuum of care and service delivery during the state of emergency.  Toward that end, the majority of Medlogix’s IME providers are set up to successfully perform Virtual and Telephonic IMEs today, utilizing industry-standard, HIPAA-compliant technology solutions. 

Thank you for your continued partnership with Medlogix.  Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Steve Armenti at (732) 859-7519 or  Thank you.