In a recent interview, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Stan Tomasevich discussed how our MyMedlogix software platform continues to evolve in response to user feedback.

How is the MyMedlogix software platform a differentiator for Medlogix?

One of the things that makes MyMedlogix a differentiator is integration. We created MyMedlogix to address some of the country's heaviest regulated areas, so we ensured that all Medlogix services such as Bill Review, Precertification, IME, Code Review, and IME are tightly integrated within the MyMedlogix platform. MyMedlogix allows us to have tightly integrated rule engines within highly efficient, streamlined workflows to deliver optimal outcomes.

We provide carriers with a single system software platform instead of a multi-vendor solution. It can be adapted to meet any state requirements and customized to work with our clients’ legacy systems to make adjusting to the change to a new system easier.

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How does feedback from clients help you improve and evolve the MyMedlogix software?

We want to be a partner, not a vendor. We share information back and forth and give our partners analytic business insights to help in decision-making.

A big thing is listening to the clients, what they're asking for, and why they want what they want. We can take an idea, find out exactly what they're trying to do, and expand upon it to deliver a better product. That new feature gets rolled out, and all our clients benefit from that improvement. Everybody benefits from everybody's ideas. That is huge for our clients and for us to improve our product.

Our software is constantly evolving. We're always trying to improve the user interface. The more intuitive we can make MyMedlogix, the better the experience will be for the user.

Claims managers and executives have tough jobs. How does MyMedlogix make their jobs easier?

Today, adjusters have incredibly high caseloads. Everybody's trying to do more with less. We give them all the information that they need right at their fingertips. Our system is workflow inbox-driven, so the right people see the right thing at the right time.  We ensure they get necessary information such as a reminding them of a deadline with our alert system. Our goal is to give them a user-friendly, efficient experience, so they can be as productive as possible.

Claims managers and executives are concerned with cost containment. They're trying to reduce medical expenses and the cost of claims processing. They are also trying to control fraud, waste, and abuse to keep costs down and their premiums competitive. There are ever-changing complex regulations, fee schedules, and more. We make their jobs easier by giving them effective outcomes, being consistent, and having a secure platform.

What direction do you see MyMedlogix going in the future?

We will continue to evolve the interfaces and the user experience. Equally important is the analytics and business intelligence. We have a massive amount of data for the clients we've partnered with over the years. As we keep learning from it, we keep evolving the software and making it smarter.

The company tagline is "Expect Exceptional." What does that mean to you?

We must do whatever we can to make the client's experience exceptional. That's exceptional software, exceptional support, exceptional uptime and flexibility – and always being willing to listen, learn, and ask why. If we can make users' lives better and more automated and hide all that complexity behind the scenes, that's the exceptional experience we want to deliver.